Auticoach offers coaching during your holiday

Auticoach offers specialist coaching during your holidays.

I offer a special vacation in a marvelous location. A holiday with us may include coaching, but it is not obligatory. 


Coaching for whom?

Raising children is one of the most demanding jobs and it is not always easy. From my own experience, a daughter diagnosed with autism, I know how difficult it can be when things do not go in the way you expext. Sometimes you may wish there was a manual of instuctions delivered with the child.

During the years, I have created such a manuel which changed the life of my child in a most positive way and did the same for the whole family.


I am often approached by parents who regularly have to deal with difficult behaviour of their children. As a parent, you may see behaviour that you can't explain and especially you may be unsure how to react for the best. Parents may have asked themselves "is this temporary?" and worried that it may not be.......


In short, you have questions which you might like to discuss with somewhone who has professional experience.  


During your stay here, together we look at the backgroud and developpement of your child's behaviour in detail. These discussions are intended to reach an understanding of the reasons for the behaviour. 



Behaviour is what we see and what we perceive but where it originates from remains hidden